About me ♥️

H O L A !
My name is Sara. I am the face behind Nothing but Amor Apparel. I am a mum of three little ones, two boys and a girl… My kids are my inspiration. All our beautiful pieces are designed by me in Sydney and ethically handmade by a small family business in Bali. We have a very special relationship with our makers, they are like family to us.
I am originally from the Canary Islands, for those who don't know, there are seven tiny Islands off the coast of Morocco...  
I started with this crazy but fun style of life in 2015, after working hard for many years to bring my ideas to life... I got inspired when my first son was born, the lack of finding clothes for him made me think about starting my own line... Nothing But Amor is also inspired by the ocean and nature. 
My designs are always comfy and easy to wear, adding details that let kids be kids... Thank you so much for stopping by and for your support. It means the world to my little family.